When you need your beloved four legged BFF at your side

as you say I do.

Let us look after them for you.

Hey, I'm Fiona, your Original Pet Wedding Assistant specialist.

Moments Like These

We chaperone your pet during your professional photo's to capture precious moments like these.

It's pictures taken on your momentous day that captures incredibly meaningful moments alongside your fur baby.

The Ring Bearer

If your fur baby is to 'carry' your rings down the aisle, there are alternative ways for your more enthusiastic pooch to keep your rings safe while fulfilling their role.

Consider tying fake rings to their collar or drees them in a bowtie or floral collar to make an appearance, which The Pet Wedding Assistant Co can supply. 

Looking Sharp and Sassy

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."

So your four-legged BFF looks their best; groom them one to two weeks in advance of your big day. Just like people, fresh haircuts usually need to grow out a touch before they're just right.

For the Bigger Four-Legged BFF

Horses are symbolic across many cultures - First Nations, Celts, Hindus, Chinese, and so much more. Some of these cultures believe horses represent practicality, love, endurance, devotion, and stability – basically, everything you could want in a long, happy marriage.

Our team offer transport for your horse BFF to and from your ceremony. Many equestrians want to share the day with their two greatest loves – the four and two-footed kind, and we're here to make that happen. We can assist with perfect photo opportunities on your wedding day.

The Pet Wedding Assistant Co is a special event pet care company

We deliver onsite support for couples whose perfect wedding includes their pet sharing their special day. Get the right type of assistance, and let us execute the logistics that come along with it. 

No two celebrations or events are the same, and each client will have their own unique needs. From the ultimate checklist to attentive sitters that make sure your pets every potty need and desire for a belly rub are met, The Pet Wedding Assistant Co is there. 

Enjoy the luxury of incorporating your pets into your special event in the way that you want. We do all the caring, spoiling and nurturing of your furry BFF, so you and your guests can enjoy the festivities.